Basic Computer System Assembly

Basic Computer System Assembly


This course will provide the student with the opportunity to gain the computer assembly knowledge and skills that are necessary for entry-level positions in the ICT work environment. In addition to technical training, students are expected to develop appropriate basic knowledge of hardware components; electrical circuits, operating systems and utility software, and the problem-solving skills that are required (omission) solve computer hardware issues that arise in a technology-supported business environment.


This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer assembly. It covers all the internal components of the computer that requires explanation of function and specifications concerning parts that would be required to build a computer.  The external component parts that are needed are also covered, with an emphasis on what features and specifications to look for when buying parts to build a computer.  Practical sessions are included to provide students with experience in assembling, starting from opening the new computer case, to powering your dying computer, the first boot up, to finishing the Windows installation.


At the end of this course students will learn how to:

  1. Select and purchase the components that are needed to build a personal computer.
  2. Assemble/setup and upgrade personal computer systems.
  3. Perform installation, configuration, and upgrading of microcomputer hardware and software.
  4. Install/connect associated peripherals.
  5. Diagnose and troubleshoot microcomputer systems hardware and software, and other peripheral equipment.


  • Labs
  • Tutorials
  • Demonstrations
  • Discussions
  • Presentations


  1. Coursework     60%
  2. Examination 40%


Task / Assignment No. & Name Due Date Time Weight Type Learning Outcomes
1.      Oral Presentation 30th Sept. 8am 10% Class Work 1
2.      Practical 21st  Oct. 8am 30% Project 2,3
3.      Research Paper 25th  Nov. 8am 20% Group W. 4,5
4.      Mid Term 11th Nov. 8am 10% Test 1,2,3
5.      Final Exam December 30% Individual 1 – 5

Nb: Dates are subjected to be changed.


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IFTH2004 Basic Computer System Assembly Course Outline

Course Content

Total learning: 22 lessons / 2 quizzes Time: 12 weeks


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  • Admin bar avatar

    Oksana Isaac

    The Fascinating World of Circuitry

    The internal components of the computer system has always been one of the most fascinating aspects of Information Technology for me. I am so intrigued by the way they communicate with each other and how they all individually add to the overall functionality of the computer. As technology is the backbone of our society, and has been since ancient times, I think it's important for EVERYONE to take this course. It'll greatly impact your understanding of the fascinating circuitry and the internal workings of the computer system.
  • Admin bar avatar

    Ainka Saunders


    Basic Computer Assembly focuses on the hardware specifics of a computer(input devices, output devices, storage devices, etc.). This course delivered exceptionally well in informing you on the concepts of Basic Computer Assembly. For anyone looking to further their career in this field I highly recommend you take this course.
  • Admin bar avatar

    Rasarles Nisbett

    An abundance of knowledge that can be used everyday

    The real world skill that is offered by this course allows anyone to be able to effectively building or maintain an pc at a near professional level in a short amount of time, which speaks as testament to the accessibility and deep of the course which turn me from a moderately informed individual on computer too someone who can now try at being a technician through the lecture in this course.
  • Admin bar avatar

    Tairique Davis

    Great Course

    This course was very informative, I learned alot on how to detect hardware and software errors and troubleshoot them efficiently.
  • Admin bar avatar

    T'Quan Warner

    Great content

    This course showed the many parts in the computer and shows how each work together to make the computer function properly and effective.It was very educational
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Basic Computer System Assembly

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