CAPE Art and Design: Unit 1 (Foundation of Art and Design)



Art and Design refers to artistic and design practices which focus on visual communication, creative production and expression in two and three dimensional media. It involves work in traditional and contemporary methods and provides opportunities for the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to art and design practices. This Art and Design syllabus is broad-based and seeks to develop creative practices, artistic knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills in a variety of media. It brings together the similarity and diversities of Cultural practices in the Caribbean. In context, it aims to prepare Caribbean students to participate in their community as art and design practitioners as well as productive, innovative citizens.


This courses aims to:

  1. Develop skills and abilities, knowledge and attitudes that will enable artistic production and creative problem solving;
  2. Encourage experimentation with traditional and contemporary materials, technical processes and methods;
  3. Convey ideas and explore concepts through the manipulation of materials and media;
  4. Encourage creative solutions to art and design problems;
  5. Develop critical thinking skills through research and participation in aesthetic activities;
  6. Develop knowledge and critical understanding of the art and design trends of different historical eras, traditions and the aesthetic expectations of various cultures, with specific reference to the Caribbean;
  7. Develop skills in observation and investigation through Art and Design techniques and technologies;
  8. Develop individual initiative and self-confidence by building on special skills and interests;
  9. Develop an understanding of the relationship between artistic expression and cultural issues that have evolved over historically significant periods;
  10. Develop an appreciation for the cultural diversity and creative arts of the Caribbean region;
  11. Develop a working vocabulary relevant to art, design and Caribbean culture;
  12. Prepare candidates for further study and work in art, design, cultural studies, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and other related disciplines;
  13. Develop knowledge and skills for aesthetic appreciation and evaluation;
  14. Use Art and Design to create awareness and propose solutions for social and environmental issues;
  15. Create a portfolio of two and three dimensional art and design work for assessment in the pursuit of further study and for the world of work;
  16. Provide opportunities for the development of a career in Art and Design as well as self- employment through job creation in selected Art and Design industries.

Course Content

Total learning: 18 lessons Time: 52 weeks


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CAPE Art and Design Syllabus


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