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Science plays a major role in the evolution of knowledge. It empowers us to use creative and independent approaches to problem-solving. It arouses our natural curiosity and enables us to meet
diverse and ever expanding challenges. It enhances our ability to inquire, seek answers, research, and interpret data. These skills use the scientific method which lead to the construction of theories and laws that help us to explain natural phenomena and exercise control over our environment. Science is, thus, an integral component of a balanced education.

The life sciences involve the study of living organisms and their life processes. Biology is at the core of the life sciences and allows for the examination, investigation and recording of the diverse forms of life. The study of Biology leads to an understanding and appreciation of the concept of life at all levels and hence, to a greater respect and reverence for life. The interconnected web of life and the unique role of the human species are integral to the dynamic nature of the biosphere.

Students of Biology should recognise the enormous responsibility which must be undertaken to ensure the continuity of life in all its forms. It is incumbent that student use this knowledge to protect, sustain, manage, conserve and improve the variety of life in the ecosphere. Additionally, the study of Biology prepares students for careers in biological, agricultural, environmental, medical, paramedical and applied sciences.


  1. enable students to acquire a body of knowledge and develop an understanding of biological
    concepts and principles
  2. promote an understanding of how new information can contribute to the reformulation or
    rejection of earlier models and concepts
  3. recognise the scope of Biology at all levels from the molecular level to that of body systems
    and entire ecosystems
  4. facilitate the development of the ability to communicate scientific information in a logical and
    structured manner
  5. develop an understanding of the scientific method and the ability to apply it to solving
    problems, both in academic and non-academic settings
  6. assist in the development of critical thinking, analytical, and practical skills
  7. encourage students to appreciate the impact of biological knowledge on society and its
    relevance to ethical, economic, environmental and technological issues
  8. develop the ability to apply biological knowledge and skills to relevant Caribbean situations
    and issues
  9. develop the ability to work independently and collaboratively with others
  10. promote an appreciation of the significance and limitations of science in relation to social and
    economic development
  11. promote the integration of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) tools and skills

Course Content

Total learning: 68 lessons Time: 52 weeks


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Each individual was born to fulfil a divine purpose, we are all endowed with unique gifts and talents that can be utilized in a meaningful manner. I strongly believe that my purpose is to assist in the betterment and relieving the suffering of humanity. Science, especially the field of medicine has proven to be a great vehicle through which this can be achieved. I am indeed passionate about medicine, particularly the branch of Neurology and feel that I possesses the drive, commitment, work ethic and focus that is needed/required to acquire success in my pursuit of medicine. The medical field needs doctors that are gifted with compassion, knowledge, and an understanding heart to help alleviate the many challenges that people who are unwell might be facing. All persons deserve good medical care, regardless of their age, economic status and or academic abilities. It is my firm conviction that God has directed me to share His love by assisting others and this will be done through medicine. If given the opportunity I have no doubt that I can successfully complete this program and eventually become a great doctor fulfilling my lifelong dream.

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CAPE Biology Syllabus


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