CAPE Digital Media: Unit 1 (Digital Media Fundamentals)



The Digital Media area of study encompasses all the domains of learning, namely, cognitive, affective and psychomotor. The field of study covers such topics as the theory and history of digital media, the impact of digital media on society, digital media business and entrepreneurial models and elements and principles of digital design and manipulative or practical skills.

In the Caribbean, knowledge and information are increasingly communicated through digital images and electronic media. The creation and manipulation of digital media serves to disseminate this information and build bridges to the evolving national, regional and international society in the digital era. Digital Media competencies are therefore of great relevance and practical value. By increasing the cadre of digital media practitioners, such as content creators, animators, web developers, graphic artists and mobile app developers, the region secures the skill sets and knowledge base that are essential to building and sustaining the digital economy in the Caribbean.


This course aims to:

  1. develop an understanding of basic concepts in digital media;
  2. develop an appreciation for the similarities and differences between new media and traditional media;
  3. develop an understanding of the historical context of digital communication;
  4. develop an understanding of the digital media environment/ecosystem;
  5. encourage critical reflection on the consequences and ethical implications of new technology on the traditional media as well as cultures, societies, and political systems;
  6. develop an understanding of the opportunities and techniques for creating digital media products and solutions;
  7. develop an appreciation for the role, value and significance of digital media to Caribbean society and regional development;
  8. encourage a culture of innovation, creative thinking and design;
  9. develop an appreciation for digital media tools and platform;
  10. develop an appreciation for the considerations of working in the digital media industry;
  11. develop an understanding of the trends and development in digital media;
  12. encourage the identification and design of relevant digital media solutions that address Caribbean problems and needs;
  13. encourage the use of new software and hardware inventions;
  14. encourage awareness of the entrepreneurial potential in the use of digital media in the pursuit of innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

Course Content

Total learning: 30 lessons Time: 52 weeks


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CAPE Digital Media Syllabus


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