CAPE Integrated Mathematics by Mr. Javaughn Deeble

CAPE Integrated Mathematics


The Caribbean society is an integral part of an ever-changing world. The impact of globalisation on most societies encourages this diverse Caribbean region to revisit the education and career opportunities of our current and future citizens. A common denominator is for Caribbean societies to create among its citizens a plethora of quality leadership with the acumen required to make meaningful projections and innovations for further development. Further, learning appropriate problem-solving techniques, inherent to the study of mathematics, is vital for such leaders. Mathematics promotes intellectual development, is utilitarian and applicable to all disciplines. Additionally, its aesthetics and epistemological approaches provide solutions fit for any purpose. Therefore, Mathematics is the essential tool to empower people with the knowledge, competencies and attitudes which are required for academia as well as quality leadership for sustainability in this dynamic world.


This syllabus aims to:

  1. improve on the mathematical knowledge, skills and techniques with an emphasis on accuracy;
  2. empower students with the knowledge, competencies and attitudes which are precursors for academia as well as quality leadership for sustainability in the dynamic world;
  3. provide students with the proficiencies required to model practical situations and provide workable solutions in their respective fields of work and study;
  4. develop competencies in critical and creative thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning, modelling, team work, decision making, research techniques and information communication and technology for life-long learning;
  5. nurture desirable character qualities that include self-confidence, self-esteem, ethics and emotional security;
  6. make Mathematics interesting, recognisable and relevant to the students locally, regionally and globally.

Course Content

Total learning: 97 lessons Time: 104 weeks


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Each individual was born to fulfil a divine purpose, we are all endowed with unique gifts and talents that can be utilized in a meaningful manner. I strongly believe that my purpose is to assist in the betterment and relieving the suffering of humanity. Science, especially the field of medicine has proven to be a great vehicle through which this can be achieved. I am indeed passionate about medicine, particularly the branch of Neurology and feel that I possesses the drive, commitment, work ethic and focus that is needed/required to acquire success in my pursuit of medicine. The medical field needs doctors that are gifted with compassion, knowledge, and an understanding heart to help alleviate the many challenges that people who are unwell might be facing. All persons deserve good medical care, regardless of their age, economic status and or academic abilities. It is my firm conviction that God has directed me to share His love by assisting others and this will be done through medicine. If given the opportunity I have no doubt that I can successfully complete this program and eventually become a great doctor fulfilling my lifelong dream.


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CAPE Integrated Mathematics Syllabus


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