CAPE Physical Education and Sport: Unit 2

CAPE Physical Education and Sport


Physical Education as an integral part of the general education process contributes to an individual’s awareness and understanding of the elements and dimensions of movement and forms the basis for the learning of sport skills. Sport, on the other hand, is viewed as a vehicle for the enhancement of fundamental motor skills and the development of complex skills learnt through a properly structured Physical Education and Sport programme. It is governed by formal or informal rules that involve competition and may be pursued for recreation or reward while promoting healthy lifestyle practices. Sport is recognised as an instrument for the promotion of peace and understanding. Consequently many local, regional and international sporting bodies have embraced shared values through sport.

The study of CAPE Physical Education and Sport, therefore, will allow students to be exposed to an essential and integral component of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle. This should improve the quality of life and provide a multifaceted approach to solving cultural, emotional and social issues. Students will also be aware of the importance of equipping Caribbean persons with the knowledge, skills and competencies to undertake and sustain the development of the rapidly evolving sporting sector.


This syllabus aims to:

  1. Reinforce the knowledge, skills and values for the enhancement of performance in a wide range of movement and sport experiences
  2. Promote optimal health and wellness through an understanding of healthy lifestyle practices and regular participation in physical activities
  3. Provide a multifaceted approach to solving cultural, emotional and social issues
  4. Develop the capacity for critical and creative thinking, technical competence, problem solving, leadership and cooperative behaviours through authentic learning experiences
  5. Develop an appreciation of the importance of Physical Education and Sport in providing multiple pathways to employment and further education
  6. Integrate information, communication and technological (ICT) tools and skills

Course Content

Total learning: 18 lessons Time: 52 weeks


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CAPE Physical Education and Sport Syllabus

CAPE Physical Education and Sports


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