CAPE Pure Mathematics: Unit 1 by Mr. Javaughn Deeble

CAPE Pure Mathematics


Mathematics is one of the oldest and most universal means of creating, communicating, connecting and applying structural and quantitative ideas. The discipline of Mathematics allows the formulation and solution of real-world problems as well as the creation of new mathematical ideas, both as an intellectual end in itself, as well as a means to increase the success and generality of mathematical applications. This success can be measured by the quantum leap that occurs in the progress made in other traditional disciplines once mathematics is introduced to describe and analyse the problems studied. It is therefore essential that as many persons as possible be taught not only to be able to use mathematics, but also to understand it.


The syllabus aims to:

  1. provide understanding of mathematical concepts and structures, their development and the relationships between them;
  2. enable the development of skills in the use of mathematical and information, communication and technology (ICT) tools;
  3. develop an appreciation of the idea of mathematical proof, the internal logical coherence of Mathematics, and its consequent universal applicability;
  4. develop the ability to make connections between distinct concepts in Mathematics, and between mathematical ideas and those pertaining to other disciplines;
  5. develop a spirit of mathematical curiosity and creativity, as well as a sense of enjoyment;
  6. enable the analysis, abstraction and generalisation of mathematical ideas;
  7. develop in students the skills of recognising essential aspects of concrete, real-world problems, formulating these problems into relevant and solvable mathematical problems and mathematical modelling;
  8. develop the ability of students to carry out independent or group work on tasks involving mathematical modelling;
  9. integrate ICT tools and skills;
  10. provide students with access to more advanced courses in Mathematics and its applications at tertiary institutions.

Course Content

Total learning: 30 lessons Time: 104 weeks


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CAPE Pure Mathematics Syllabus


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