CSEC Chemistry by Mr. Carl Green



The application of scientific principles and the conduct of relevant research are of significant importance in identifying, assessing and realising the potential of the resources of Caribbean territories. A good foundation in the sciences will help citizens of the Caribbean to respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing world using the scientific approach. Chemistry is concerned with the physical and chemical properties of substances and the interaction of energy and matter. The study of Chemistry involves an investigation into chemical reactions and processes. The discipline seeks to explain and predict events at the atomic and molecular level. Through the principles of Chemistry, students will understand everyday life, nature and technology, and the significance of the well-being of man and the environment.


This syllabus aims to:

  1.  appreciate and understand natural phenomena and the ways in which materials behave;
  2. be aware of the power, impact and influence which Chemistry has in a modern scientific world and to emphasise that there is a responsibility that Chemistry be used for the good of the society and for the preservation of the environment;
  3. appreciate, understand and use methods of science;
  4. see the relevance of Chemistry to everyday life;
  5. appreciate and understand the role of Chemistry in enabling materials to be used in the service of mankind, in the Caribbean and elsewhere;
  6. understand basic chemical concepts in sufficient depth to provide an adequate foundation for specialisation;
  7. develop the spirit of inquiry and to continue the search for new ways in which materials may be used in the service of mankind;
  8. appreciate the inter-relationships among Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and other subjects;
  9. make use of chemical data, concepts, principles and terminology in communicating chemical information;
  10. develop the ability to work independently and collaboratively with others when necessary;
  11. appreciate the significance and limitations of science in relation to social and economic development;
  12. integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools and skills into the teaching and learning of chemical concepts.

Course Content

Total learning: 119 lessons Time: 104 weeks


Trained Graduate

I am a dedicated and versatile teacher with decades of experience and excellent results as my reward. Science is all around us. All processes of life have been built on the foundation of science. My students are urged to: question, investigate, prove! Let the scientific discovery begin!


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