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SBA Part One – Spreadsheet

The National Youth Service (NYS) Programme 

The NYS Corps programme combines training in specific career skills, re-socialization and work experience to develop positive attitudes and values among participants in the areas of self, work place, community and nation, as well as provide opportunities and orientation for their entrance into the labour force.  Recruitment and Selectionof participants is an island-wide initiative and is done throughout the year. The NYS conducts training camps according to the Camp Schedule. These camps are used for training in various corps such as; Education, Customer Care and Security etc.    As a Secretary and parish representative you are required to utilize Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database as well as a Program Application to begin and implement a Computer – Based solutions to the tasks involved in the management of the participant’s data.   For each corps, lecturer will train the participants for the particular area of interest.


The participant’s records are maintained by the usage files in a filing cabinet. Spreadsheet will be used to capture all the clerical data, this process will be done as a PROTOTYPE. The spreadsheet would contain the following corps;

  • Education
  • Customer Care,
  • Security

The diagrams below will show and describe the layout of the tasks to be done. As Secretary and parish representative, the final data must be accurate.

  1. You are required to design a workbook that accepts the Lecturer or trainers data.

    a. Reproduce figure 1 as accurately as possible.

National Youth Service Lecturer Information 

Title First Name Last Name University Corp Duration Qualifications
MIT 6 Months Masters
MICO 5 Months Masters
UTECH 4 Months PhD
MIT 6 Months PhD
MICO 5 Months Masters
UTECH 4 Months Masters

Figure 1 showing National Youth Service Lecturer Information 

b. Populate the sheet with appropriate data of choice

c. Save the sheet as Lecturers Record

d. Reproduce all the following on separate sheets, (Education CorpsCustomer Care Corps and Security Corps) as shown below. This information must be correctly copied.

National Youth Service Security Corps 

First Name Last Name Address Gender Age School Subjects Passed

Figure 2 showing NYS Security Cops Participants data 


National Youth Service Education Corps 

First Name Last Name Address Gender Age School Subjects Passed

Figure 3 showing NYS Education Cops Participants data 


National Youth Service Customer Care Corps 

First Name Last Name Address Gender Age School Subjects Passed

Figure 4 showing NYS Customer Care Cops Participants data 


e. Name each sheet with an appropriate name relating to the data captured.

f. The workbook must be saved as National Youth Service Original Record

  1. Now, at this stage you will now make the necessary modifications and populations to the sheets in the workbook. Ensure that all the data that is transferred is linked in some way.

a. Populate the worksheets with the necessary and appropriate data of your choice. Ensure that the column which labels Subjects Passed contains numbers from 0 up.

b. Add ONE column at the end of each Corp table. Label these columns as: University.

c. Insert the appropriate formulae to produce the result for each. The University column would contain data that reflects whether or not a participant is Eligible or Not Eligible. If the participant has passed 5 subjects, then he/she will be eligible to go to a university, if less subjects are passed then him/her will not be eligible. This data is needed for scholarships selection purposes.

d. Re-save the document as National Youth Service Modified Record.This means that you should have two spreadsheet files:

  • National Youth Service Original Record 
  • National Youth Service Modified
  1. At this stage you will Modify (National Youth Service Modified Record)the spreadsheet to reflect the following record changes; 

a. Change all appropriate font size as follows:

  • All headings font size 16. 
  • All sub headings font size 14. 
  • All other font sizes 12.

b. Ensure all fonts are Arial.

c. One participant was left off each corps sheets list during data entry. You are required to Insert the names of these participants and populate their record with the appropriate data.

  1. Develop and modify a General Record as follow (linking sheets);

a. Create a new sheet to show a NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE GENERAL RECORD, that includes; all Corps with all records of participants.

b. Insert a column, name the column Corps. Populate the sheet with the appropriate data.

c. Sort the records in descending order by First Names.

d. Name the sheet as with an appropriate label.

e. Indicate in the spreadsheet by calculating the following data: NYS Lecturer Expenses and Total Expenses(Use appropriate formulae).          

NYS Lecturer Expenses Tax 7%
Qualifications Salary Allowance Tax Cost Total
Masters  $          8,200.00  $      1,200.00  $  $
Masters  $          8,200.00  $      1,500.00  $  $
PhD  $        10,100.00  $      1,600.00  $  $
PhD  $        10,100.00  $      1,700.00  $  $
Masters  $          8,200.00  $      1,000.00  $  $
Masters  $          8,200.00  $      1,100.00  $  $


Total Expenses
Food Water Drink Material Location
 $                110.00  $                40.00  $            55.00  $  1,200.00  $      1,500.00
# of Participants:
# of Lecturers:
Sub Total  $
Total  $

Figure 5 showing National Youth Service (NYS) Expenditures 

  1. Create additional sheets with FILTER, Pie and Bar CHART. 

a. Create a sheet that displays a filter record. This must filter all subject passes greater than or equal to 5.

b. Name sheet as National Youth Service (NYS) Filer Record

c. Create a Column chart to compare the NYS Lecturer Expenses mentioned in above. Ensure that the chart is formatted appropriately.

d. Give the Column chart an appropriate name. The name must be related to the data captured.

e. Create one a Pie chart to reflect Total Expenses which include: food, water, drink, lecturing materials and location cost.

f. Give the Column chart an appropriate name (must relate to the data captured)


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