CSEC Principles Of Business by Shanica Burrell



Principles of Business focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of business activities. It provides a framework to assist in more informed decision-making by individuals in their role of producers or consumers. An understanding of business principles in this course of study prepares students to become productive members of society. The syllabus provides opportunity for students to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills necessary to survive and prosper in a local, regional and global dynamic business environment. The CSEC® Principles of Business syllabus engages students in conducting research which helps to improve their communication and critical thinking skills and creates an awareness of business ethics and social and economic responsibilities.


The syllabus aims to:

  1. promote understanding of theories, concepts and practices that are applicable to the culturally-diversified economic environment of the Caribbean;
  2. provide knowledge of business and of its role in a rapidly-changing Caribbean and global economic environment;
  3. provide the opportunity for informed decision making through the development of skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, research and communication;
  4. nurture students’ creative and entrepreneurial abilities to enable them to participate fully in the local, regional and global economy;
  5. sensitise students to the need for responsible social and ethical behaviour in their pursuit of business goals; and,
  6. enable students to access and apply appropriate technology in pursuing opportunities and solving problems in business.

Course Content

Total learning: 119 lessons Time: 52 weeks


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CSEC Principles of Business Syllabus


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