Introduction to Management Information Systems



This course seeks to help students to examine how technology and information systems affect business. It places much emphasis on providing students with opportunities to examine the profitable and effective use of systems in business.


This course explores the behavioural, organizational, operational, and technical aspects of information systems concepts and structures. It places emphasis on developing understandings of the internal management of information resources and on the management of information technology.


  1. Use the computer as a problem-solving tool.
  2. Apply the principles of any of the above to a real-world case or firm;
  3. Explain current topics in information systems, and
  4. Demonstrate significant expertise in an emerging technology of the student’s own choosing.
  5. Describe different information systems and explain how they help organizations.
  6. Analyse the role of network components of information systems.


To facilitate fulfilment of the requirements of this course, the teaching and learning sessions will utilise the following approaches:

  • Demonstrations
  • Guided Practice
  • Group Work
  • Lab work
  • Independent Work


In this course marks will be assigned as follows:

Coursework   60%

(Written papers and labs)

Examination   40%

(Mid-term 10%; Final 30%)


Task / Assignment No. & Name Due Date Time Weight Type Learning Outcomes
1.      Oral Presentation 25th Sept. 3pm 10% Class Work 1
2.      Practical 30th Oct. 3pm 30% Project 2,3
3.      Research Paper 19th Nov. 2pm 20% Group W. 4,5
4.      Mid Term 27th Nov. 3pm 10% Test 1,2,3
5.      Final Exam December 30% Individual 1 – 5

Nb: Dates are subjected to be changed.


Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. Management Information Systems: Managing the digital firm. (15TH Edition) Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson, Prentice Hall


Rainer, R. (2013). Introduction to Information Systems, 5th Edition, Wiley


IFTH1003 Introduction to Management Information System Course Outline

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  • Admin bar avatar

    Oksana Isaac

    So informative!

    This course has shed so much light on the sheer importance of Management Information Systems in the working world. They are literally the backbone of every organisation and can significantly streamline all business operations. I loved this course! It helped to become familiar with the different types of Management Information Systems and their individual benefits to businesses on a global scale.
  • Admin bar avatar

    Ainka Saunders

    A fun and illuminating course

    This course taught me the fundamentals of MIS. It also revealed how Management information systems are essential to the growth and development of organizations.
  • Admin bar avatar

    Rasarles Nisbett

    eye opening and informative

    On completion of this course I have gotten new found appreciation and understand for just how vital management information systems are to operation of a company or organization. So i am grateful that this course offers all the relevant information on current MIS and their uses a long with the standards need to make and manage them.
  • Admin bar avatar

    T'Quan Warner

    Very informative

    this course really open up my mind about how much computer or management information system it self helps organization in huge way by making them be able to collect and properly organize data in away in which the can be analyzed and be put to use to make decision in organizations.
  • Admin bar avatar

    Jeremy Warner


    Management Information System has open my understanding to how organizations perform their work. Decision making, Control, analysis and coordination are clearly said within this course. I've also learnt type of MIS, different information system and how they can be used within the real world. I can now perform the role of an system analyst thanks to the help from this course. If you want to know how organisations operate on a daily basis, I would recommend this course for you
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