Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) – the interconnection of hardware, software, and data embedded in everyday objects – lies at the frontier of innovation. Experts predict there will be 30 billion connected objects by 2020 with a cumulative revenue of $7.1B.

IoT engineering requires specific expertise, protocol, and technical services. To be successful, you need an innovative engineering partner.

Fresh designers and engineers engage in the high-level concepting to the granular, technical details required to help humans, systems, machines, and networks truly connect. With a deep understanding of design, hardware, and technologies, such as Interactor and the JavaScript and Python code that makes them run, we can create interfaces, APIs, and protocol handling to solve any problem where IoT is the solution.

We’re prepared for the growth of IoT and the challenges that accompany it. Our blend of technical expertise and design savvy connect the lives of human beings and digital experiences in ways never thought imaginable.

Research Project


Your Future

We know what the future holds: billions of interconnected devices and billions of dollars in associated revenue. Our goal is to use our technical and strategic expertise to bring that value you to your company. If the future builds on IoT, our goal is to help situate your company on the leading edge.

Your Strategy

Any IoT solution has holistic needs in design, engineering, data connection, and data storage. Our engineers, working with designers and developers together, can collaborate to build IoT solutions that align authentically with your long- and short-term goals. Your vision and our holistic capability can accelerate your strategy.

Your Innovation

Innovation lies at the nexus of understanding what works and understanding what’s possible. Our designers focus on experience and our engineers provide a rich perspective on the problems IoT can solve with the solutions for how to solve them, and the end result of bringing your vision to life.

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