Research and Development

Speed is one of the last great competitive advantages and the technology landscape is riper than ever to quickly build novel concepts. IITAE offers a deep history of research and development (R&D) technology services as you seek to expand in new directions, capable of building technology that has never been done before. Our engineering leadership has won NASA awards and co-designed technology that has changed the mobility and gaming industries.

The aim of research and development is to innovate new products and markets that improve your current and future state. Our engineers will help you conduct research, develop concepts, create prototypes, and execute tests that deeply accelerate your speed to market. After verifying and validating designs, we’ll help you develop a plan for getting your designs into production.

Building on a 20-year history of R&D from our integration with SiTech RTD, we’re capable of the most advanced technology solutions that build on creating some of the world’s well known products. Our depth and breadth of experience spans various markets and industries, situating us to bring innovation to almost any engineering challenge.

Research Project


Your Team

Our engineers have versatile analytical skills paired with an innovative approach to problem solving. This gives our team the ability to conceptualize ways to invent products and improve design methods. Your value lies in our capability to tackle projects of different sizes, scopes, and industries.

Your Scale

Whether you need your product in a matter of months or your product will take several years to gain market acceptance, we provide an adaptable approach to working together. While our engineers work in teams, they also have specializations, allowing us to scale into your needs, timelines, and budgets.

Your Opportunities

R&D engineers identify new business opportunities by blending knowledge, creativity, and inventiveness. We excel in bringing new ideas to fruition in the marketplace in line with your vision and overarching business strategy. The end result is products that validate solving real problems that return long-term value.

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