Information Technology Management Consulting

Information Technology Management Consulting

Enhance Profitability and Project Delivery with Expert Information Technology Consulting

Good information technology consultants will tell you that technology is only a portion of their work: people and processes are often much more challenging than finding a technical solution to a business problem.

However, it’s vital to consider that without all three legs of the people-processes-technology triangle in full balance, it’s unlikely that your organization can be successful over time. It takes time and maturity for an individual in the field of information technology consulting to understand that the simplest solution is not always the most workable one. 

Instead, it might take smaller increments of time to merge cultural change and advanced IT solutions into a cohesive whole. With more than 20 years of experience working with companies in a wide range of industries, the experts at Alvarez Technology Group can help confidently lead your organization through change or work through assessments that will guide your IT strategy in the future.

Information Technology Consulting from the Experts at IITAE Ltd Group

It’s often difficult to know precisely the type of resources that you will need when you’re beginning a project, which is why our team has cultivated the skills and expertise to support a wide variety of technical needs. A few of the information technology consulting solutions that we offer include:

  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Security Assessments
  • Network Design
  • HIPAA/HITECH Assessments
  • Business Continuity Planning

information technology consulting solutions

Strategic IT Planning

Short-term and long-term strategic IT planning is a necessity for modern businesses with hundreds of moving parts and workflows. Whether you’re considering a shift from on-premise applications and servers to cloud-based solutions or simply need to upgrade your current security structures, our strategic IT planning team will help ensure that you’re making decisions with the best possible information at your fingertips.

Security Assessments

Physical security and digital security are deeply intertwined, which is why the team at Alvarez Technology Group supports your holistic security needs. Our cybersecurity professionals are well-versed in protecting against the latest ransomware threats, ensuring that your company stays under the radar of these enterprising cybercriminals. We also provide a variety of physical security options for your operations, including surveillance and access control systems, to limit the possibility of a physical intrusion into your secure locations.

Network Design

Thoughtful network design requires a holistic view of your network, and this is where the professionals at Alvarez Technology Group excel. We can help manage network upgrades, first-time setups, and office moves with ease, drawing on years of experience working with organizations of all sizes to ensure that your network is always running smoothly and efficiently to support your company.

HIPAA/HITECH Assessments

Don’t leave patient, employee, or customer information unattended. We have extensive experience with HIPAA and HITECH audits and assessments, allowing us to quickly pinpoint areas of your operations that may need additional protection or control. Massive fines and even criminal liabilities are a possibility if your organization is found to be out of compliance with this critical data privacy, storage, and retrieval requirements.

Reliable & Safe

Financial Services

We provide planning services to help financial institutions minimize their costs and expenses.

Travel and Aviation

Always develop strategies specifically designed to meet and reflect the company’s requirements.


Our services are based on the best practices and highly sophisticated technology to satisfy the needs of clients.

Financial Services

We provide planning services to help financial institutions minimize their costs and expenses.

Travel and Aviation

We always develop strategies specifically designed to meet and reflect the company’s requirements.


We are serving the best practices and using highly sophisticated technology to satisfy the needs of clients.

Make us your consulting partner!

IITAE Ltd is an experienced Information Technology Consulting Firm, who regularly works with world industry leaders in building E-commerce sites, developing customer web applications, and creating cutting-edge cloud services and mobile apps.

We have found IT solutions that work and those which have not done as well, so our clients can gain knowledge from our experiences. We know all the important points that make web solutions a success instead of a failure.

Over a span of more than seventeen years, our continuing High-Performance IT Research department has created powerful intellectual property materials for our clients, suggesting appropriate technologies, methodologies, and diagnostic tools that have enabled our clients to achieve their business objectives in a quicker time frame, as well as cutting costs and risks.

Our IITAE Ltd consultants review every business idea thoroughly to ensure the best outcome, using some of the following representative methods.


  • Complete analysis of business processes.
  • Determining through web feasibility studies if the product is needed online or not.
  • Studying the web strategy of any online competition to see if there will be any effects on the new product.
  • Forecasting profits through comparing the involved risks to profitability.

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