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Many companies gain value from bringing in an IT procurement consultant to oversee all key procurement activities in IT. Therefore, if you need help with IT procurement, we can deliver a contractor on site within days. In each case, your contractor will stay with you for however long you need their services.

Our IT procurement consultants, and procurement consultants in general, have supported many companies with:

  • analysing their needs and managing procurement
  • identifying the best solutions
  • communicating effectively when negotiating with suppliers
  • finding quality goods and services at attractive prices

In addition, if you would like a procurement consultant with a broader experience in procurement, we would be happy to match you with the right consultant for your needs.

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Long-term Cost Optimization in IT Procurement

The transformation to digitisation, the safe and rapid supply of large amounts of data, innovative applications and new virtual services make IT management extremely challenging, with digital changes affecting almost every department. The result is complex and specific IT needs, from technical production to finance to marketing. At the same time, there is a massive shortage in specialist IT knowledge, making it difficult to keep costs low and efficient alongside ensuring high quality, fast service, and data security.

We support you through technological progress
We provide methodological support for selection and systematisation as part of innovation decisions. We create the basis for complex, strategic decisions such as hosting on your own servers or cloud computing. In addition to reducing IT procurement costs and ensuring efficient procurement, we can also optimize your IT procurement processes.

We provide the support you need to overcome these challenges
Through our long-standing project experience, we have built comprehensive expertise in the procurement of IT services. With our support, you can promote innovation and increase performance in your company, even with a lack of resources and skilled staff. We can also help you to improve quality and speed up the provision of information and services.

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