Honoring Mr. Andrew Abraham – Dean of the CFBC TVEMS Division

St Kitts has had great men in this society for decades, whether they are locally born or have become residents. This societal construct has seen greatness within the Federation, demonstrating locally, regionally and International. This greatness comes from one’s passion to achieve, to change a way of life, and by doing what is felt is right. It is in this context we must acknowledge one such person.

I have had the privilege of working with one of the visionary’s in St Kitts and Nevis, he believes in the growth and development of youths in the Federation. His work speaks for itself every year at the college’s graduation ceremony. The man who I speak on is none other than Mr. Andrew Abraham.

Dean Mr. Andrew Abraham of the left and IT Lecturer Dr Ricardo Neil on the right

He has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that students in St Kitts receive a tertiary education that is competitive internationally. He has reach down to pull students up and show them a better path to follow, despite their socioeconomically status. Whenever his name is called most people know that name associated with the development of the Technical division. Not only does he represent student’s development but also his staff, in many instances he has stood his ground to ensure his staff is treated with fare and dignity.

“To you sir, you have shown the ability to lead and be led in the times of success and in the time of adversity. You have given your all to ensure that Technical education is the driving force in this federation and for that we at IITAE says thanks.”

IITAE therefore takes the time out to identify you as ONE OF THE MOST OUTSTANDING pupils in this society.      

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