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Top-notch instructors!

Dr. Neil has been one of the main reasons why I have chosen to major in a tech related field like Computer Science. He has opened up a lot of what Information Technology has to offer and has pushed his students to excel in this field. His thorough understanding of Information Technology and willingness to understand and communicate effectively to his students has enabled me to learn a lot of information which ended up helping me in my degree in college. I have no doubt that with his leadership and approach, IITAE would bring the same knowledge and exposure that Dr. Neil has brought me.

Verna Aquino
Former ICCS Student

Thankful for the opportunity

My enrollment into the I.T program contained events that affected the very way I looked at the world and education as a whole. The lessons were extremely informative. This is where I realized that hands-on learning is the area in which effective learning takes place for me. Dr.Neil was that of a great example upon which my knack for technology was discovered ergo my projects came to fruition, as enthusiastic as they were, for the capstone event for which ended in a battle of the bots situation. All in all I find it a blessing to have had the opportunity to have enrolled in this program and would encourage others to do the same as the fellowship is as strong as the lesson.

Tavian Williams
CEMSS Teacher

My experience working with IITAE

With IITAE I was able to explore and learn so much about Information Technology. I was also able to pass the subject with excellence. Thanks Dr Neil!!

Reycarldo Herbert
ICCS Student

An Experience To Remember

IITAE’s Information Technology course has been an amazing experience, unlike any other.
Before starting the course, learning seemed lackluster, with the teachers showing no real interest. However, Dr. Neil has completely changed my perspective of what schooling is and can be. Despite the disruptive environment in which he taught, he was willing to take his time and focus on the topics that would have been troublesome, explaining it in practical and relatable ways.

If you have any interest in IT, I highly suggest IITAE, as the experience is surely going to be enjoyable and will stimulate your mind, giving you the best chances of success.

Thank you so much Dr. Neil for putting up with us.

Thane Douglas
Student - CFBC

What an Experience

Over the past months, this prgram has helped me develop in my IT skills and prepared me very well for the exams. This is the best prpgram for IT and I would reccomend anyone to do it.

Jayden Sebastian
ICCS Student

My experience working with IITAE

My experience working with IITAE Ltd was amazing it help me understand more about information technology. I have use IITAE Ltd to increase my academic performance in school. I extend a great thanks to Dr. Ricardo Neil for his continuous support. Throughout this learning experience with IITAE Ltd I really enjoyed it. IITAE Ltd is a good experience for young school children.


Thank you Dr. Neil

Being apart of I. I. T. A. E and having Mr. Neil as my teacher and lecturer I am definitely grateful, because of the teachers he’s that one person who stood with me to ensure I completed every last course and motivated me to do work although i’m a lazy person. He took his personal time to ensure our class could achieve something in life and he made us feel special even when we gave up or gave him trouble. Mr. Neil is an ambitious man who shows love to all his students. Mr. Neil, thank you for your teaching and all the support you gave, you are a great man that I look up to as a mentor and a person who impacted my life, because of you I’m proud to say that I was successful in my CXC examination.


A Vast Amount of Opportunity

The greatest thing I believe makes IITAE worthwhile is the fact that it provides an opportunity for those of all backgrounds and interests. IITAE doesn’t just provide courses for Information Technology but for a large variety of other professional fields. In my opinion, IITAE is one of the best websites you will find for providing education to those who truly want to learn.

Djimon Johnson
Student - CFBC

Kudos and thank you!

Dr. Neil went above and beyond to ensure the children were well prepared for examinations. A thorough program, extra sessions, careful attention and a keen oversight to their progress really helped them to excel. A Grade 1 received and this could not have been possible without Dr. Neil and his program.

Again, thank you!

Daislyn Sharpe

Daislyn Sharpe


A rather interesting experience. IITAE allowed me as well as my classmates to grasp a larger understanding of Information Technology. This website as well as it’s developers, employees and Dr. Neil has taught us a lot through using the Website. The experience on IITAE will be an unforgettable one.

Kyler Sutton
Past CFBC Student

An Extraordinary Experience

IITAE has given individuals locally, regionally and internationally an exposure to all the aspects of Information Technology. My first encounter using IITAE was beneficial, because that was my first time doing an online course. However, IITAE is favorable to some people because they can stay from anywhere in the world and access the courses, instead of being in a classroom with the lecturer. IIATE gives me a vision about my future job in the IT World. Also, IITAE has given me remarkable knowledge in all the areas in Information Technology and how to apply them in today’s world. I would personally recommend IITAE to anyone who are interested in learning about Information Technology, due to the amazing experience I had with IITAE.

Shaquan Thomas
Student - CFBC

An Experience

This was one of the first e learning website I had interacted with and I must say it was an experience. It helped me grasp the concepts of the world’s technological studies and expanded my knowledge. Dr. Neil formulated a blueprint and made it plausible for such a platform which is know today as IITAE Ltd. The company will surely become one of the most renowned in world. I hope this site can immensely help each user as it did for me.

Kelesha Bertie
Student - CFBC

An Inspiration

Life has a way of teaching you vital lessons by sending the right person at the right time. Dr. Neil was that right person for me. Going through high school I never was an I.T. head, I was mostly into carpentry and building because I love to work with my hands. Graduated from one of the greatest secondary schools in the federation, the Charles E. Mills Secondary School with the Second Highest mark in Wood Work, in the federation in my time and had just a grade 3 for Information Technology. Right then and there I had to make a decision do I continue on and live the easy life of carpentry or test myself in the I.T. Field?

The answer was I.T. I spent my first year at CFBC studying Computer Science and I was almost done with life, questioning myself, why did I even choose this I could’ve just continued through carpentry and live a good life. I failed my first year in college and told myself I’m done with I.T. Some of my classmates that I graduated with told me about this guy named Dr. Neil at the Technical campus, said he’s the best there is when it comes to I.T. Some even said he’s the I.T. God. Those classmate were apart of his program the year I failed Computer Science and referred him to me. They were like don’t give up give Dr. Neil a try and I guarantee you he will change your mind. That I did I changed programs and started my second year studying Information Technology at the Technical Campus.

The first lecture I had with Dr. Neil was incredible. I don’t know but something about him makes you feel comfortable, makes you feel at home, makes you feel as thou you’ve already won the war of college life. I always remember this phrase he said in our first lecture “Guys, I.T. is not you just gotta think crazy, and it’ll come true” That phrase inspired me. Dr. Neil exposes your inner abilities for you, he makes you realize things you never through you could’ve done. So for Capstone project he said we had to come up with something that can help everyday life, so I thought crazy and told him I want to create drones from scratch. He was like, “Do it, don’t tell me just do it but what for?” The I told him what for and by the look on his face I know it was a awesome Idea and I didn’t was to disappoint.

Some fellow classmates and I caught on the crazy idea and we were all smooth sailing from there. We worked hard for the two short years we had with him. Showed him the progress and all we learned during the build of the drones. He was always there for emotional support and would always give a hand when needed but he always makes sure that you’re benefiting in progress. Capstone came and it was time to show all we’ve done and Dr. Neil face when he saw each and every project in that was like he was a proud father to the group of students he had for just two short years. I became a I.T. head thanks to him. I even found a new hobby in building drones. Anybody who was in the 2k17 graduating class knew that I Loved drones.

Dr. Neil in indeed an major inspiration to me. He makes I.T. fun. He is and will always be the greatest lecturer I’ll ever have. I don’t think there’s anyone better. Even though I.T wasn’t my intended life path, I still made the best of it Thanks to Dr. Neil and now I.T. is my life. Never thought I’d have made it this far in I.T. but hey, I’m not Turning back now!


Khalid DeGuire
Past CFBC Student

Never Give Up

IITAE has shown me many great ideas and performance for the past few times that i’ve been follow up with the team they have truly done tremendous work in the I.T field and i pray that they do continue preforming excellent for they have made the stars shine upon Saint Kitts even much more showing that our environment can be much more enhance.

Good day my name is Verohn Bernier and I attend to the Monroe College. I am currently studying Computer Information Systems and I am now studying my Bachelor Degree, I’ve previously attended the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College where I started my first foundation in furthering my education for creating my future career background where I majored in Information Technology doing my Associate Degree.

Sadly I didn’t complete my academic years at C.F.BC but that didn’t make me give up in reaching my goals. Coming up in my life I’ve never achieve anything in life easy my parents always made me worked hard in everything I do and now I have the vision that they showed me at a very young age which made me stronger and more persistent.

Thanks to my professors Dr. Ricardo Neil and many others who held me under their wings gave great love and guidance while I was attending the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. I also want to give SPECIAL THANKS also to Dr. R. Neil for he has been a real figure to me and other students who attended college where he was much more like a father figure to all of us, there would be times when I would feel like giving up because of financial and emotional issues in life but Dr. R. Neil kept pushing me I would like to also apologize to him and my other lectures and also the Dean and President who all gave me the opportunity to attend to the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College for not completing my academics.
One thing I would love to say about Dr. Neil is that he is a very intelligent, respectful, kind, honest, hardworking person he has guided many students through the right path in life and being successful in their academics, he one person in life I know you can count on if need the job done.

Dr. Neil is a person who upholds his words and someone who would never turn his back on anyone. He is very determine in what he do in life when it comes to business he is very professional not just to business but when it comes to him in lecturing students at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College so that they can be successful.

During my studies I’ve faced many struggles but that didn’t make me give up on knowing what my dreams and goals were that I wanted to achieve in life. I have made many decision in life where I had to put some of the things I love doing in life such as playing games, partying, adventure, going to the movies etc. on the back burner so that I can obtain my goals much easier and where I can be much more focus in my studies. Having the opportunity to attend college and furthering my studies in the Information Technology field have been a major step for me in life where I’ve gain a broader and greater span of knowledge, communication skills, I.T skills and much more.
It’s a great experience attending to college where I have met several of cultures and made friends at the same time, having fun, going to the library doing research on information for my studies and obtaining knowledge.

By Yours Truly: Verohn Bernier

Verohn Bernier
Pass CFBC Student

The road to success – Information Technology

Choosing Information Technology as a subject was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. My teacher Mr.Neil was so knowledgeable and fun to work with, I could turn to him for support with any problems I had and he would break it down for me by going deeper into the modules to make sure I understood, that’s success. I remember going to class one day and calling it quits because the work seemed too much for me but Mr. Neil was a source of motivation for me and told me not to give up or sell myself short because I can do it that really pushed me to continue and I am so thankful that I did because I ended up passing my Information Technology CXC with a distinction.

Malakhi Ferguson
Past ICCS Student

If he helped change my life, he can do the same for you!

In life, teachers have the unique responsibility of shaping the lives of their students. A good teacher can teach you something that you will remember for a day, but a great teacher will teach you something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Dr.Neil is certainly that teacher whose patience, kindness, commitment, and so many other character traits, have influenced my life to being the person I am today. This astounding lecturer was able to help create a path towards success for me and so many other students at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, and I am now forever grateful of being apart of that opportunity. There has always been a passion for I.T throughout my life but unfortunately, I begun doubting myself during the start of my journey at CFBC. Luckily, Dr.Neil was able to expunge those doubts and helped me understand that once I put my mind to it, I can conquer anything and has always reminded me that I should never let my situation as a teenage mom, deter me from accomplishing my goals. With that being said, I have been able to create businesses from my knowledge and skills of Computer Programming with both large and small companies, as well as currently furthering my studies in Computer Science.

The lessons that Dr. Neil taught me are invaluable. Not only have they strengthened the foundation of my life, they are also the building blocks of my future.

To Dr.Neil, for the foresight you envisioned for me; its has truly brought me much success and for this I want to thank you wholeheartedly. To the viewer, you are indeed at the right place, IITAE. I recommend you not to have second thoughts and grasp the services this company provides. There won’t be any regrets.

Faith Howell
Past CFBC Student

New beginnings

Really wanted to be apart of the it community after I went to college lost all hope until a couple weeks ago I ran into my favourite IT professor. Now am back on my technology high and aiming for the sky

A'zaria St. Rose

A Professor who has impacted my life tremendously.

Dr. Ricardo Neil has been an inspiration in my life from since I met him. Before I met Dr. Neil, I already had a vision for my life, however I didn’t have a plan. This is where he became a steppingstone in my life and aided me into making some big decisions in my life and some of my education goals of today. Forever will I be grateful for having him in my life. He has been a tremendous supporter, mentor and teacher.

Choosing Information Technology at CFBC, would be one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I mark that timeframe in my life as an experience like no other. Having him as a professor was phenomenal. He has worked very hard and I can easily class him as one of the most successful persons I would ever come to know. Not only has he worked hard for himself, but for many of his students like me.

If it had not been for Dr. Neil drilling my mindset on going beyond my limits, none of what I’m aiming for today wouldn’t even come to mind. I am extremely thankful and honored to have known Dr. Neil, and still have him as a close friend up to today. He taught me to go for more than what I want and showed me that there are so much more educational goals I can achieve. I inspire to be like my past professor. He has helped me so much in attaining some of my achievements of today. Due to the fact of him pushing me, I am the first ever FemTech Awardee.

There are few things that stuck with me, that Dr. Neil spoke into my life. He has taught me to overcome failures, never settle for less, always encourage yourself to participate and to know that learning happens anywhere and beyond the classroom. Also, most importantly is to always have a positive mindset on everything I go through. Due to Dr. Neil’s incredible teachings, I am fully confident in myself in overcoming my next task in life. Its persons like Dr. Ricardo Neil that inspire to aspire.
Thank you, Dr. Neil, for EVERYTHING.


Kedeesh Nolan
Past CFBC Student

It was worth the time

IITAE has given me significant knowledge in all areas of Information Technology, it also gave me a sense of what it is being apart of the Information Technology working world.

D'ondré Gumbs
College Student - CFBC

A Truly Dedicated Teacher In St Kitts and Nevis

I first encountered Dr.Neil in 2015 when I was in Grade 9 at ICCS. He taught me Information Technology and changed my whole perspective on the subject. I remember him saying on the first day, “I’m so glad you all choose IT because it’s the future and that’s why I’m here. I am here to prepare you for the future and not just to pass CSEC.” Dr.Neil is a person who is skillful, humble, passionate, and hardworking and has a brilliant mind. What he teaches you will help you not just during this course but beyond.

During my experience with IITAE, Dr.Neil helped prepare me to write the CSEC examination for Information Technology in less than a year. After countless of classes and the extra hours spent at the college I was able to increase my knowledge and understanding about the subject and developed an interest in it that I did not have before. I gained a grade 1 for the exam and that was all because of Dr.Neil and his hard work.

Dr.Neil puts his heart and soul into teaching and helping his students become better. I say to those interested in joining this programme, seize the opportunity because you won’t regret taking his class.


Erin Etienne
Past ICCS Student

A True Technological Future

Choosing to be an Information Technology Student was no mistake whatsoever for me, this area of study has certainly reinforced my ability to critically think of many ways to provide a solution to oppose a real-world problem, all by the help of my lecturer Dr. Neil. There’s nothing more important to achieve the set goal put in placed but someone to provide you with all the necessary data and tools that is most required to do so. With that kind of connection coming before a student determine to succeed, one must ask “how can one fail thrive”.

My experience as an IT student wasn’t necessarily an easy breeze, but most of my ambition was to be achieved by practical engagement and the word Dr. Neil loved the most ‘RESEARCH’. Many sacrifices had to been made, but my biggest sacrifice was time. Countless hours I spent trapped behind an electronic device isolated from the world just to ensure that I will succeed. For me to be able to stand where I am today with the knowledge gained presently because Dr. Neil motivated me to do my research and I am most grateful. With the help of Dr. Neil your goal is destined to be attained.

By: Brandon Powell

Brandon Powell
Trading and Development Company Limited - TDC

“Committed to Excellence”

When the spirit of excellence unites with humility, creativity, proficiency and consistency success happens. Cynthia Victoria Grenyion (CVG)

When I met Dr. Neil in Nevis 2012 at Charlestown Secondary School (CSS), he exuded passion and purpose as he worked with his students for them to experience success. His students learnt how to discipline themselves by using their skills and minds strategically and analytically.

Dr. Neil demonstrates diligence and patience. He is not committed to mere success without quality work. Consequently, he epitomizes excellence to the highest dimensions in technology and training. Even though I had my own limitations and inhibitions about using electronic modalities, his own demeanor and enthusiasm in his presentations helped me conquer my phobic and limited perspectives positively.

Several times as I interact with Dr. Neil he demonstrates humility, creativity, proficiency and consistency. I find that Dr. Neil empowers his staff to serve with excellence as he continues to train young minds to be innovative, creative, cooperative and effective.His books, his programmes, his teaching and training depict the classic curvatures of a creative mind that is captured by passion and purpose.

Without hesitation, I recommend www.iitae.tech to others as I access it for my own accomplishments.

I must close with a hearty Congratulations!! To Dr. Neil and his staff. Equally, to all the individuals and companies that will be the recipients of such excellence in service.

Cynthia . V .Grenyion
M.Ed & M.Sc C
(Former Education Officer, Nevis)

Cynthia Grenyion
New Dimensions, Canada

A great Innovator

When i first met Dr. Neil i never understood why he is so dedicated to helping students and making them understand more about the ‘IT World’. Dr. Neil is one of the most patient, caring, kind and dedicated teacher i have met. Based on my experience I thought IT was just a subject about computer and i had no interest in it until Dr. Neil exposed more than what was said about IT and I somehow fell in love with Information Technology. Dr. Neil always shows interest in helping his students strive for excellence and give them a better understanding of information technology. If you are weak in a particular topic he ensures that you are comfortable and better with that topic . He doesn’t take “no” or “I can’t do it ” for an answer, he makes sure you can. He is open about telling and showing people how cool Information technology can be.

I would say he is more of a pioneer and innovator. Creating IITAE is more of a help to young individuals in both education and career wise. What i learned about IITAE is that it’s not just about courses or getting more advanced in Information technology but it’s also helping young individuals to come on board to be exposed to a lot; about the real world, how to get things done and many more. Dr. Neil is dedicated to helping young individuals strive as well as building a successful company for young individuals to manage. One of his favorite line is ” You have to learn because when I am grey and old or pass on you guys are the one who will have to take over at some point, people depend on you”


Aaliyah Paulius

My experience working with IITAE

My experience working with IITAE.Ltd was amazing it help me understand more about Information Technically. I have used IITAE to expand my performance in school and to help me prepared myself for CSEC Examination. I would like to take this time out to thank Dr. Neil for his continuous support to my fellow classmates and I to pursue our goals in Information Technology field. Throughout this learning experience with IITAE i really enjoyed it.
IITAE is a good experience for young school children.

Thank you Dr. Ricardo Neil

Kymisha Lewis
ICCS Student

Information Technology, The Way To Our Future…

Let me start off by saying, Dr. Neil is the best IT teacher you can ever find. He is the best at what he does, he ensures that the knowledge you gain, the lessons he teaches are for far more than just to pass an exam. Even after 3 years, I remember him telling us that whatever he taught and whatever he wrote in his book, should be learnt not just for the CSEC IT exam, but we should take the knowledge with us.

Dr. Neil is by far one of the most hardworking and supportive teachers I have ever met. A lot of people may not know this, when we were about to write our CSEC exams, we were behind schedule and had a lot of portion remaining to cover and so, Dr. Neil, took time out, and organized Saturday classes for us so that we could cover everything in due time. Dr. Neil, without a doubt was my favorite teacher in high school, he is a wonderful teacher, the best in IT and a wonderful man with a great sense of humour.

I wish him all the success in the world for this venture, IITAE. I highly recommend the IT course and a second language, whether it be, Mandarin French, or Spanish. This is because technology nowadays plays an important role in everything we do, and so, I believe that IT is the way to a brighter future and i also feel that, in this day and age, where there is so much diversity amongst us, we should know at least one other language, don’t you think?

Jagruti Dulera
Past ICCS Student

One of Humanity’s Greatest Achievements

I am absolutely listless while I gaze at this flawlessly designed website which is a gift from the divine powers that rule this universe and other parallel universes that this website has also been created. The power of IITAE will absolutely command respect from whomever uses it. I am confident that if I live to see my life after retiring after 120 years old, this website will still be considered the greatest novelty that humanity has seen if the Earth and its inhabitants are still around to witness the divine creation that is IITAE.

Hiten Anand Samtani

Information Technology and Careers

This is the day and age of technology. No matter where you look you can feel the effects of technology. Information technology and its working is one of my great passions. I am intrigued by what it takes to do everyday tasks on the computer. IT is one of those subjects that you either hate or love, and I love it. Over the past couple of years, while studying IT in class, I have gained so much knowledge. My IT teachers and IITAE have opened my mind to so many more possibilities in my career choices.

My goal is to become one of the greatest neurosurgeons in the world. My information technology course helped me to realise the many ways IT can assist me in this endeavour. I can share valuable finding with other doctors online through telecommunication means. Without an understanding of IT I would be lost as a professional medical practitioner.
I now strongly recommend that all students should be encouraged take an IT course, including this on. No matter the career path one may take, information technology plays a significant role in being the best at it. I would therefore encourage m friends and family to sign up and take IT courses because of the added benefits that come along with knowing how to effectively use the computer and making technology work for your benefit.

Zaniyah Dore

A Great Program

The IITAE program, has really helped me to understand more about information technology. The courses and classes has been inspiring as information given, helped me in my CXC Examination. I have gained quite a bit of experience and knowledge for this information technological age. It was enjoyable and I have widened my knowledge of information technology which will be used now and in the future

I really appreciate the time spent with IITAE. Dr. Neil being a great teacher truly enhanced the teaching setting which made learning easy.

I thank you Dr. Neil

Abigail Soleyn
IITAE sudent

Genuinely interested in the future

Mr Neil through out his career has proven that he is genuinely interested in the future by sharing the knowledge he has with the young people that he interacts with. He is a dreamer who encourages his students to dream big and to build as if there aren’t any limits. This is truly a testament to his work ethic and his passion.




Dr. Neil is an innovation advocate and a superb lecturer with a history of positive student outcomes. His subject matter expertise in information technology is without question. I certainly endorse this initiative.

Dr. Tamu Browne
Innovative Education and Training Solutions and Coaching by Tamu

Satisfied with your classes

I would recommend your school to others as I have experienced great professionalism from IITAE. I find the school to be looking out for all classes of person and is considerate to others especially those of other faith. My daughter could not attend on Saturdays and provision was made for her to attend on Sundays instead. This is something I regard highly of IITAE. ITTAE has a high standard for high passing grades. Students also are attended to individually It is My School of choice.

Parent: Venetta Soleyn

Venetta Soleyn
All and V property Rentals

My experience working with IITAE

IITAE has been an educational pathway I have used to better my computer and technology skills and widen my understanding of the growing technological world. I have use IITAE’s extensive courses to increase my academic performance in school and for future use. This website has been a convenient means of preparing me for my CXC CSEC examination.

I extend a great thanks to Dr. Ricardo Neil who encouraged me to pursue my goals and ambitions in Information Technology and for teaching me the basics of such a highly regarded subject. Throughout this learning period I have enjoyed myself. IITAE is a good educational experience for young school children such as myself.

Yohance willett
ICCS Student

Impactful, Prodigious and Inimitable


Impactful, prodigious and inimitable are the words that instantly come to mind when I think of IITAE. I have had the privilege of ‘the front row seat’ in the development of this genius idea from the days when it was called csecsuccess.com and computerlearningez.com.

Dr. Neil and his team of brilliant innovators have shifted the educational paradigm to transcend the walls of an institution, a nation, and the Caribbean. This endeavor is global preparation at its best; leveling the playing field; being on par and exceeding the world’s expectations.

Working in the background of IITAE has allowed me the honour of engaging with a generation that possesses not only the vision to change the world, but the willingness to work to make that change sustainable.

Dr. Neil’s favourite quotes: ” The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept were toiling upward in the night” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and ” Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” by Benjamin Franklin, have been woven into the work ethic and fabric of IITAE. Here hard work, discipline, commitment are encapsulated in a cadre of skilled individuals. This is tantamount to success.

Mrs. Michelle-Ann Neil

A One of a Kind Opportunity

IITAE has allowed me to grow gradually as I have began my journey into the real world. Adapting to the responsibilies of an instructor, a mentor, a leader, is no small feat by any means but I will now allow the weight to hold me down. Just one more milestone to conquer in my life’s journey and I’m going to enjoy every step of the way.


Shamar Pemberton

New Experience and Exposure



IITAE provides the opportunity to work with knowledgeable colleagues who are enthusiastic about web designing and education training in the Caribbean. It is an honor to me that I am able to be a part of IITAE. It seems like it was yesterday that I started working with these now friends of mine and we are committed to ensure that this website forms a reflection of our capabilities. It is our intention to inform everyone that we are dedicated in helping learners across the world. And that we are providing an online learning platform from the Caribbean.


For the past few months, thanks to IITAE, I have been able to extend my perspective on the availability of Education in the Caribbean. Although there are multiple online education platforms, however, none of those were developed in the Caribbean. IITAE, on the other hand, with the dedication of our Caribbean natives, it became the first online learning platform fully developed in the Caribbean.

IITAE provides the evidence that the Caribbean does not need to rely on  imported products. We, the people from the Caribbean, are engineers, developers, inventors, creators and designers as well.

Christina Cho
International Information Technology Academy of Excellence Limited - IITAE Ltd.

Great Company With Innovative Ideas at Work


I have been working with IITAE for the last four (4) years now, and since that time I have met a lot of hard working young and ambitious Information Technology students, and professionals who have volunteered their time and effort into making IITAE a visionary Company. We say thanks to all our lawyers who have worked with us through the structured legal process.

These Fifth generation youths are the foundation of this innovative vision that has come to reality in its finite stage. I am however, excited to lead and be apart of this vision. This then caused me not to see IITAE not as the next Silicon Valley in the Caribbean but as the next technological revolution in the world. I am therefore proud to be apart of such an ambitious company, learning, leading and finding innovation wherever it is.

I am therefore, challenging the youths of the Caribbean to innovate and never stop innovating.

Dr. Ricardo Neil
Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College - CFBC

Great Experience

IITAE is the epitome of true professionalism and excellence. For the past year my son was enrolled for 2 subject areas and it was a rewarding experience. There was genuine interest in the students’ progress and they truly demonstrated what is meant by ‘no student left behind’.

I would highly recommend the IITAE for top quality learning.

Sharmyn Powell

Presentation for Summer Job Attachment Program 2019

Dr. Neil was invited to do a presentation on the proper use of technology in the workplace. Incorporated throughout his session were motivational bits and pieces that allowed for the participants to really engage and understand the messages he was portraying.

His session was very informative and his style of presentation was interactive, dynamic and vibrant.

We do look forward to another presentation from Dr. Neil in the near future.

Vijay R Harrinarain
Department of Youth

A great experience with IITAE Ltd.

I enjoy working and learning with the team at IITAE. I receive quality guidance and customer service when I have queries. The team is professional, knowledgeable and ready to assist. If you are looking for a positive online learning experience with qualified and experienced providers, make IITAE your first choice.

Ionie Liburd Willett

Tairique Davis

My experience working with IITAE can only be described as sensational. IITAE transforms the narrative way of learning in the Caribbean region by offering more visual based lessons as opposed to text based. Under the guidance of the institution’s exceptional CEO, I have learnt several IT and professional skills.

IITAE is an exceptional organization and it will pave the way to excellence and success for prospective students not only in the Caribbean region but in the world.

Tairique Davis

Mac-keda Smith

Truly the Academy of Excellence! IITAE provides easy to learn courses as they are visually available instead of being text-based. Working with IITAE has been a great experience of expanding my knowledge in different Information Technology fields, learning other professional skills and working with dedicated individuals.

Zhavier Shaw

When I was offered the opportunity to help build the first online institution in St. Kitts and Nevis, I accepted without a second thought. The vision employed by my mentor and CEO is unmatched as we strive to create a platform that helps each of our users.

The team at IITAE is also amazing. Their quick work has brought the website from 0 courses to 70+ in just a few months, and thanks to platform being online, we can work from anywhere, given we have internet access.

Zhavier Shaw

Jermellia Henry

The IITAE experience is one that is unmatched because of the like minded individuals who are working together towards one goal.

The blissful environment makes IITAE different to other E-Learning solutions. No longer are we focusing on the old chalk and blackboard approach. This is testament to the idea that technology does not distract learning, but enhances it.

Jermellia Henry

Abion Stevens

Working alongside my fellow instructors in the rapid development of IITAE has been such a thrilling experience as I know that through this website I’m one of many people investing my time into youths and adults alike obtaining an easily accessible education for CSEC Exams as well as assisting others in receiving new skills through quick and easy videos offered by the website.

As IITAE advances to its completion and rises in popularity, I will always recommend the site to any person who is in need of educational assistance in addition to their respective school hours and also those who wish to advance their skill set but are limited in time, preventing them from attending ‘physical’ classes.

As an Intructor and Student of IITAE I’m proud to say that the website is a unique and powerful tool within the Caribbean’s education sector and hopefully,in the future, it will be recognized by those worldwide.

Abion Stevens

Pioneering E-Learning Platform

My experience working with IITAE can be summed up in one word; phenomenal. It has granted me the opportunity to learn about various topics related to Information Technology and professionalism. It has truly been an honour to work alongside a group of innovative individuals led by a persistent CEO.

IITAE is pioneering company and it has ushered  the Caribbean region into a revolution of transforming the aged teaching style from mainly text-based to video-based. In addition, this company has provided a platform for many individuals and organisations to explore the realm of Information Technology and develop vital professional skills.

Oksana Isaac


Something I would say about I.I.T.A.E? It is Mind-blowing, it allowed me a person from a third world country to come onto such an amazing website that allowed me to learn anything information technology wise from Microsoft Office to Coding in programs along with how to have a professional and technical view of topics about Information Technology itself and the world. It is an honor to be working alongside not just Dr. Ricardo Neil himself, but others who are working on the team.

I.I.T.A.E is a breathtaking company which paved the road of Technology in the Caribbean region and is shaping it from having a teacher inside the room with you to monitor your experience and behavior, but to give you a choice and time to watch video-based lessons for those who requires such. This website has made its purpose clear as to help others to be more professional in the Caribbean and to let them have an adventure into Information Technology right in their rooms.

Jamal Caesar

Khrystal Hanley

“It’s really great how easy the IITAE website is to manoeuvre. Working with IITAE as an inspiring Information Technologist, enhances growth and further knowledge in the IT field. Also, It’s almost like being in a college classroom, without having to actually be there. Just choose a course, click play and start learning. It’s so simple.”


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